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HR-ikkunat installation


Are you planning to have new windows fitted?

We offer you a free measuring service and quote. When we come to measure your windows, you are free to discuss with our specialist which window type will best suit your home and which additional features you may require.

Our fitters are highly skilled and will complete the entire fitting for you, including moulding inside the house.

Rovaniemi area

Rovaniemen Puutuote
phone: +358 10 3205 952
Aittatie 10, 96300 ROVANIEMI

Oulu and Ylivieska area

HR-Ikkunat Ruhkala Oy
phone: +358 8 466 320
Rautiontie 344, 85140 TYNKÄ

Vaasa and Seinäjoki area

Rakennus- ja Kattopalvelu T:mi Heikki Pirttinen
phone: +358 50 5679 560
Pirttisentie 236, 62435 PIRTTINEN

Turku area

Ahokas Group Oy
Antti Ahokas
phone: +358 40 518 8104