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Maintenance and warranty

Maintenance and warranty


  • The condition of the window’s surface treatment should be inspected once a year.
  • The treated windows have been treated with clear and water-soluble TEKNOGRUND 353 wood protection with decay, blue stain and mould-prevention agents. TEKNOGRUND 353 only provides short-term protection (approx. one year in outdoor conditions).
  • The white windows are painted with water-soluble paints by Teknos. The standard colour is white NCS-30502Y. Repair any cracks or chips in the painted surface.
  • Lacquered windows/windows with translucent coating are treated with one coating of translucent wood protection, after which a coating of clear lacquer is applied. Two coats of clear lacquer are applied to lacquered windows.
  • Windows with Biobe valves should be cleaned once a year, read more at
  • Insect screens should be cleaned once a year or when necessary. Read more at
  • Locks and espagnolettes should be lubricated once a year. Lubricate the window stoppers when necessary.
  • The condition of the gaskets should be inspected once a year.
  • Only use neutral window cleaning products to clean windows. Solvents should not be used to clean the glass surface unless absolutely necessary.
  • The wooden surfaces should be cleaned using only a small amount of water and avoiding unnecessary abrasion.
  • Wider frames (over 130 cm) should be supported when opened to avoid the frame being damaged.
  • Always use a special window key to open the window. When closing the window, make sure that all locks are closed.


  • The technical warranty of the windows is two years.
  • The warranty of sealing on insulated glass elements is five years.
  • The wooden and wooden aluminium windows that have been surface-treated at the factory (NOT treated with protective agent) have 10 years warranty against decay provided that the maintenance instructions have been followed and moisture has been prevented from getting into the window structure.

The warranty will not cover any damage caused by faulty fitting, inappropriate use or incorrect or defective servicing or maintenance. The warranty starts on the delivery date.